Pongracz, Montesqieu, Miramonte & Italico Wine Bottle Lables

Introduction to Copestick Murray

Robin Copestick and Paul Murray established the business in 2005.

Copestick Murray has a very diverse customer base ranging from Supermarkets, National Specialist Chains, On-Line and Mail Order, National On-Trade, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Independent Retailers, and Private Clients.

The company has partners in most, major wine-producing countries and manages over 300 global products. Working closely with suppliers and customers allows the team at Copestick Murray to produce innovative and exciting product designs.

Copestick Murray offers a comprehensive range of branded wines as well as being accustomed to large own-brand supply agreements.

Cornerstone U.S Wine Imports

Cornerstone opens up trading opportunities in the U.S. - www.cuswi.com

Cornerstone was launched in 2007 specifically to build trading relationships and distribution for partners in the U.S.

Cornerstone U.S. Wine Imports