Robin Copestick

Robin Copestick

Copestick Murray


Question Answer
Name Robin Copestick.
Position Dynamic Left Hand Opening Bat (only on the cricket field, I'm actually very heterosexual) and Director of Copestick Murray.
Family No one will marry me but have been with Melissa for 25 years. One son, Freddie and a border collie, Dillon.
Home(s) Clapham Common, Trevose Golf Course, The Britannia Stadium, Bangkok Restaurant.
Hometown Stoke-on-Trent.
CV Man and boy (as in the photo aged 18) at Moreno Wines, shop boy, delivery boy, invoice boy, first salesman, first Sales Director and eventually joint Managing Director. Followed by three years, working for McGuigan (now AVL) in UK and Europe. Founded Copestick Murray in May 2005 with Paul.
Education Undistinguished times at Shrewsbury, Taunton and London University. Made some great friends though and scored the odd 100.
Favourite Varietal Pinot Noir
Desert Island Wine Alfred Gratien 1983 - A 50th Birthday Present. One word darling. A - mazing.
Most Prized Possession Three DVDs. Stoke beating Chelsea in the League Cup Final in 1972, England winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 and Freddie being born in 1997. I was at all three events although came close to missing Freddie's birth as I was in the pub.
Favourite CD The Bends.
Guilty Pleasure Watching every Stoke goal at least 5 times on Football First and sneaking off to the golf course.
Teams Supported Stoke City FC , England at any sport and anyone who plays against Andy Murray (he's not Paul's brother by the way).
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Fun, different, dynamic, loyal and my only hope of a decent pension.
Paul Murray

Paul Murray

Copestick Murray


Question Answer
Name Paul Murray.
Position Full Back or Fly Half - oh professionally - does everything no one else wants to do.
Family Wife and 2 boys.
Home(s) Marlborough, Newport Beach, California and New Quay, West Wales.
Hometown Newcastle Upon Tyne.
CV Morgan Stanley 11 years, Warburgs 6 Years, Merrill Lynch 2 Years, started Copestick Murray with Robin May 2005.
Education BA (hons) Accounting and Finance and Durham School (left a little prematurely).
Favourite Varietal Malbec - hairy chested, no nonsense, the Motörhead of wines.
Desert Island Wine Silex - Didier Dageneau, God rest him.
Most Prized Possession Any retained profit and my midnight blue Rickenbacker 370/6.
Favourite CD Could be White Album or Stone Roses, nope Blue Lines - Massive Attack.
Guilty Pleasure I have a separate iPod with all supposed cutting edge stuff on it, dig deep though and you'll find Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Take That …either that or my bloody boat - Terrifying.
Teams Supported Newcastle United (obviously) and Los Angeles Angels (less obviously).
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Organisation without walls, all voices need to be heard and carry equal weight with agenda set by the customers.
Stuart Bond

Stuart Bond

Copestick Murray

Sales Director - UK Off Trade

Question Answer
Name Stuart Bond.
Position Sales Director - UK Off Trade.
Family Her indoors, daughter Anabelle and a cat.
Home(s) Country pile, penthouse in Chamonix.
Hometown The 'Shire.
CV After University joined Constellation Europe covering wholesale & convenience accounts. Then Gaymers Cider Company as a National Field Sales Manager. Followed by a stint at Brown-Forman covering convenience and National Mults... then Copestick Murray.
Education The usual. School, college, university ...all a dim, debt-laden memory now.
Favourite Varietal A good Cabernet Sauvigon.
Desert Island Wine Creation Syrah Grenache served with a chargrilled rib-eye steak…
Most Prized Possession My house ...well, its the bank's, but it will be mine.
Favourite CD Too many to mention ...probably, Charlatans - Us and Us Only. Helped me through my Uni dissertation.
Guilty Pleasure Wasting my hard earned on buying needless snowboarding kit.
Teams Supported Wolves ...its a family thing. Somerset Cricket Club ...the cider connection. Anyone involved in Winter Sports for UK.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Brilliantly different.
Laura Hope

Laura Hope

Copestick Murray

Business Development Manager

Question Answer
Name Laura Hope.
Position Sales Support Co-ordinator
Family Husband Alan and 2 Bengal cats, Evie and Womble
Home(s) Bristol overlooking St George's Park
Hometown Bournemouth.
CV Started at Majestic as a fresh-faced graduate trainee in 2002 then reclaimed my weekends by moving to Averys as a private client wine advisor in 2005. After 3 1/2 years of talking to some lovely customers I joined Hicks & Don as sales manager and have now made the move to Copestick Murray.
Education From Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth to Kings College Taunton then to Liverpool Uni for a BA in Latin American Studies. Yes, a rather random course but I got to spend a year in Chile where I discovered my love for wine.
Favourite Varietal Chardonnay
Desert Island Wine Chapoutier Chante Alouette Hermitage Blanc 2004 - thankfully I have 4 bottles left!
Most Prized Possession The cats followed closely by my newly acquired slow cooker. Not that I'll be mixing them up...!
Favourite CD That's a toughie. Either Arc by Everything Everything or An Awesome Wave by Alt-J
Guilty Pleasure Macaroons, the more colourful the better.
Teams Supported 2 Many Tonys softball team.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? A breath of fresh air.
Sally Barlow

Sally Milles

Copestick Murray

Source Wines

Account Manager

Question Answer
Name Sally Milles
Position 21st in my last sea swim.
Family Husband Freddie and daughter Islay.
Home(s) Swopped my London flat in Southfields for a farmhouse in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Hometown Edwinstowe in Nottinghamshire, once home to Robin Hood and his merry men.
CV North Notts Graduates into Industry Scheme after graduating in 2000. Joined Majestic Wine in 2001. After being a retail manager for 5 years across London I moved to head office and performed various roles including Public Relations Manager and subsequently Brand Development Manager. I met Robin in 2009, he seemed like a good bloke (!). The rest is history!
Education The Rufford School followed by Coventry University where I fostered a healthy reputation as a connoisseur of all things gastronomic.
Favourite Varietal Got to be Chardonnay. Responsible for Champagne and white Burgundy… what more can I say!
Desert Island Wine Creation Chardonnnay…yum.
Most Prized Possession My copper saucepan.
Favourite CD Tea for the Tillerman, Cat Stevens. An oldie but a goody!
Guilty Pleasure Cheese of all varieties …ideally in front of Eastenders (sorry guys!)
Teams Supported Nottingham Forest, although I couldn't name a single player or tell you their league position (or league for that matter!)
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? A down-to-earth, dynamic, approachable, honest and fun team utterly passionate about wine!
Dave P

Nick Bryan

Copestick Murray

Source Wines


Question Answer
Name Nick Bryan
Position Financial Controller
Family Pretty good but the lineage is a bit dodgy in the mid 1800s
Home(s) Devizes
Hometown Cheltenham
CV Qualified as Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young before moving to Booker for eight years.  Finance Director of Refresh UK plc which incorporates Wychwood Brewery and Brakspears beers.  More recent experience in retail and a startup which did not make the predicted millions.  So nice to be back in the drinks industry in a business going places.
Education Dean Close School, Cheltenham and University of Stirling
Favourite Varietal Bit of a sucker for anything with Rioja on the label
Desert Island Wine Remember being given an ancient red Burgundy during an audit of a wine merchant when training with E&Y.  Couldn’t tell you any more detail than that but I’m confident it will wash up on the shore of the island when I need it.
Most Prized Possession Yamaha grand.
Favourite CD Outhipped – Barbara Dennerlein
Guilty Pleasure Where to start?
Teams Supported Ipswich Town FC and The (Gloucester)Shire CCC
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Lively!
David Clarke

David Clarke

Source Wines

Sales Director

Question Answer
Name David Clarke.
Position Sales Director.
Family 2 children - 1 daughter and 1 son.
Home(s) Only 1.
Hometown Swadlincote.
CV 8 Years with Paragon Vintners, Sales Director Midlands/North, 2 Years Financial Services with Cattles PLC, 13 Years at Bass PLC in Sales Account Management, Tele Account Management, Training, UK and Europe.
Education Granville Secondary Modern, Burton Technical College.
Favourite Varietal Pinot Noir and Riesling.
Desert Island Wine Noval Nacional 1931, with only a couple of dozen bottles left in the world from around 200 original cases, my dream wine! If I cant get the 1931 Nacional, I'd settle for 1931 Noval Vintage Port, about as rare but I dont want to appear too fussy!
Most Prized Possession Camera.
Favourite CD O mio babbino caro - Montserrat Caballé.
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Brazil Nuts.
Teams Supported Not really.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Never a dull day.
Chris Tew

Chris Tew

Source Wines


Question Answer
Name Chris Tew.
Position Logistics and general factotum for Source.
Family 2 daughters, a wife and a dog.
Home(s) Cardiff- Guardamar del Segura- New Quay.
Hometown Cardiff.
CV Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants,Bars, Sports Arena's most things involving alcohol really then a stint in food sales.
Education Long and varied.
Favourite Varietal Merlot.
Desert Island Wine Anything cold - Magnums preferably.
Most Prized Possession My dog Mungo. He is a Sharpei.
Favourite CD I have no favourite but I do like rocking out to a good 80’s style power ballad!
Guilty Pleasure Scoffing chocolate.
Teams Supported Wales Rugby, Cardiff Blues and Manchester United.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Pro-active.
Martin Parry Davies

Martin Parry Davies

Operations Director

Question Answer
Name Martin Parry Davies.
Position Operations Director.
Family Lots.
Home(s) Marlborough.
Hometown Cefn Code.
CV In the fashion business man and boy...until now!
Education There was some education involved.
Favourite Varietal Simple tee, good jeans, Prada shoes.
Desert Island Wine Anything with a screwcap.
Most Prized Possession On a need to know basis.
Favourite CD As above.
Guilty Pleasure Definitely as above.
Teams Supported Anything Welsh.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Like the fashion trade but with longer leadtimes.
Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Business Coordinator

Question Answer
Name Lisa Smith.
Position Business Coordinator
Family long-term boyfriend, who hasn't got round to popping the question
Home(s) Leeds, Leicester, Italy
Hometown Leeds.
CV Varied background in Import/Export and Supply Chain and a couple of years ago I decided that wines are infinitely more appealing than chemicals.
Education Graduated in German & Italian from The University of Leicester.
Favourite Varietal Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc on a school night, Prosecco or cocktails when I go out with girls on the weekend!
Desert Island Wine not yet found 'the one'
Most Prized Possession Photos and memories of my family and friends and my trips abroad to Italy, Hong Kong and Cyprus.
Favourite CD Fleetwood Mac.
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate fudge cake or cookies.
Teams Supported Not a football fan, only really watch England in International games, and then often wonder why I bothered.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Varied, fun and creative.
Mike Ritchie

Mike Ritchie

Business Development Manager

Question Answer
Name Mike Ritchie.
Position Business Development Manager
Family Caroline, and our daughters Rosie and Millie.
Home(s) London
Hometown London.
CV Plenty of variety over 35 years, including working with Thorman Hunt, Moreno Wines, Lanson UK. My winding path has included buying wine for a dotcom startup, being a director at LCB, selling wine on The Shopping Channel, a stint as a cable TV wine show presenter, and getting my MW in 2002, and unloading 20ft containers in freezing weather.
Education Yes.
Favourite Varietal Hunter Valley Semillon.
Desert Island Wine Moulin Touchais (Anjou) 1959
Most Prized Possession Ipod.
Favourite CD Babe Rainbow - House of Love.
Guilty Pleasure Milk chocolate brazil nuts, early Elton John.
Teams Supported QPR.
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Positive, capable, commercial.
Dominique Lenton

Dominique Lenton

Technical Manager

Question Answer
Name Dominique Lenton.
Position Technical Manager
Family Parents, Brother, Partner, Collie dogs.
Home(s) Cirencester.
Hometown Churchdown, Gloucestershire.
CV On off sales assistant at Next whilst at Uni, Quality Assurance and some NPD at Bottlegreen Drinks and then onto Copestick Murray.
Education Food Science and Business Degree from The University of Reading.
Favourite Varietal Red: Pinotage White: Gewürztraminer/ Bacchus/ Riesling.
Desert Island Wine Something cold and sparkly
Most Prized Possession My scuba diving kit.
Favourite CD None, my favourite music never stays favourite for long.
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate, wine and cheese!
Teams Supported Minchinhampton rugby club, because my partner plays for them otherwise I have no interest in sport
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Friendly, positive and passionate.
Naomi Wood

Naomi Wood

Wine Marketing Manager- Greene King

Question Answer
Name Naomi Wood.
Position Wine Marketing Manager- Greene King
Family Parents, Brother, 2 gorgeous nephews and then lots of extended family.
Home(s) Hertfordshire.
Hometown Hemel Hempstead.
CV After a year out travelling I landed myself a job at Waverley TBS in sales support and after 4 fun years moved to Paragon Vintners for a couple of years, then had a year or so working outside the wine industry but then decided I much preferred being surround by wine and luckily found my way back in and worked for Follador Prosecco, starting up its London Office and then after 2 & half years joined Copestick Murray in April 2013.
Education Northampton Uni..well for a year! Then Cassio college in the dizzy heights of Watford and then into full time employment.
Favourite Varietal Chardonnay.
Desert Island Wine A nice chilled bottle of Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé
Most Prized Possession My loved ones, but if we're talking material possesions then it would be my home.
Favourite CD Too many to choose from, probably some of the classics from the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac or Kings of Leon.
Guilty Pleasure I have a love for fictional dectective programmes, Columbo, Poirot, Mid Summer Murders….but my all time Favourite is Murder She Wrote!
Teams Supported None, I used to support Leeds United in my youth, but that was only because I fancied one of the players!
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? A great bunch of people with a real passion for wine.

Shane Mc Nally

Sales Support Executive

Question Answer
Name Shane Mc Nally.
Position Sales Support Executive
Family Orla my long term partner. One sister and Mum and Dad.
Home(s) Marlborough, Wiltshire and can be found in Dublin/London/Wexford on any given weekend.
Hometown Originally from Ratoath, Co. Meath in Ireland.
CV Found myself managing an O’Briens Wines store in Ireland after University. This probably had something to do with my fondness for all things wine.
Education B.A from NUI Maynooth, followed by M.A. in European History.
Favourite Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling … Coin toss really.
Desert Island Wine Riesling from Rheinhessen or a good Cabernet for when I track down a wild boar. They have those on Desert Islands don’t they?
Most Prized Possession Probably my wine collection.
Favourite CD Led Zeppelin I-IV or the Blue Notebooks by Max Richter.
Guilty Pleasure Cheese
Teams Supported Liverpool and now Marlborough Town FC
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? There is never one day the same and you are always thinking on your feet. It is an innovative and exciting environment with a great bunch of people.

Jodie Kale

Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive

Question Answer
Name Jodie Kale.
Position Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive
Family Partner, Lloyd and my daughter Maeve who’s just turned 1
Home(s) Cottage in Watchfield, Oxfordshire.
Hometown Hungerford
CV Jewellery Buyer and Designer fresh out of uni, Graphic Designer for a travel company (photoshopping clouds from the sky!) upon moving to London 6 years ago, a bit of farming and gardening in Southern France and then into the world of design-for-wine, first at a design agency in London, now beautiful Wiltshire.
Education After completing a Foundation Course in Art and Design, I Graduated from University of Plymouth with a degree in Graphic Communication with Typography
Favourite Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon.
Desert Island Wine I’m still learning to choose wine on the taste rather than the pretty label, but a bottle of cool Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs would be pretty handy.
Most Prized Possession A 1920’s ring from my partner and my Nikon film camera given to me by my dad when i went to uni.
Favourite CD To many to mention, PJ Harvey, Grizzly Bear, The Black Keys and everything by Thom York/Radiohead
Guilty Pleasure Nerds (of the tiny tangy crunchy variety)
Teams Supported None
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Brave, bold, friendly and innovative
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

National Account Manager

Question Answer
Name Matt Johnson.
Position National Account Manager
Family 1 wife, 1 son, 1 baby on the way
Home(s) Yes I have one, not there much.
Hometown Luton…home of many wine professionals
CV Trained as a chef (but couldn’t cook) cut my (wine) teeth in retail (Wine Cellar/Unwins/Threshers), swiftly followed by a move into wholesale/agency sales then a stint as an on-trade buyer then back to selling with PLB/Chalié Richards and now here.
Education Did you see my hometown?
Favourite Varietal Merlot.
Desert Island Wine A magnum of good St. Emilion
Most Prized Possession Pocket Watch received on my wedding day
Favourite CD Life-Inspiral Carpets
Guilty Pleasure Cadburys Dairy Milk
Teams Supported Luton Town (it’s a challenge…)
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? Customer focussed (it’s what made me join them) and a little bonkers

Samantha Cross

Brand Manager

Question Answer
Name Samantha Cross.
Position Brand Manager
Family Husband, brother, parents and a lot of extended!
Home(s) Making Newbury home after relocating from Bristol
Hometown Originally from Woking, Surrey
CV After a stint of travelling, I started my career as Communications Planner at Mindshare, London working on a range of high profile brands. After 5 years I headed west to Bristol to join full service agency Bray Leino as part of the media team. 3 years later, I have left the agency world to join the team at Copestick Murray
Education Advertising and Marketing Communications at Bournemouth Uni.
Favourite Varietal Merlot for Red, Sauvignon Blanc for white.
Desert Island Wine A lovely cold Prosecco!
Most Prized Possession My camera and photographs.
Favourite CD Foals - Holy Fire
Guilty Pleasure Kisstory (....and probably my real favourite CD!)
Teams Supported My patriotic side comes out to support England
How do you sum up Copestick Murray? A place full of exciting opportunities, and a passion for wine!